Kelowna's Only Indoor Playground Specifically designed for Children age 6 and under Only ! GREAT affordable Birthday Parties !

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Terms and Conditions
$ 75 Deposit is Non Refundable    

 Guest Signature to acknowledge its non refundable and they have read and understood
all the below rules.


Please advise us at time of booking if you are supplying your own plates, cups,
forks etc.  If not let us know your theme and we will get it all at no charge to
you.  We will decorate the party room to make it special for your birthday child.

WE ONLY supply Plates, cutlery, cups for the children, not the adults.  If you would
like supplies for adults there will be an additional charge.

** Saturday Parties – Maximum 25 bodies per party (that includes children and adults)

** Monday Friday Parties – Maximum 25 bodies per party (that includes children and

As we are only allowed to have 50 people maximum in the building at one time, we
have to cap the number of adults.  Too many adults takes away from the number of
children that we are allowed to come in a play.

1.       Theme for your party must be advised at time of booking in order to allow
proper time to find supplies. ( be advised on short notice we may not be able to get
your specific theme )

2.       We must receive the number of children in your party and the children’s
first names 24 hours prior to your party time.

3.       If you have the HUNGRY JUNGLE PARTY BOOKED, we must have your pizza orders
in before 24 hrs.   We have a choice of Cheese, Pepperoni and Cheese and Hawaiian. (
We supply pizza for the children, not the adults )

4.       If you want to drop off decor or items you MUST do that 24 hrs prior to
your party and we will decorate your party room for you.  You may bring your own
decorations into our facility.  No pins or nails are allowed in our walls.  Balloons
must stay in the party area only.  Candles are permitted but no sparklers please. 
Nothing hanging from the ceilings. NO TOYS ARE PERMITTED IN THE PLAY AREA.

5.       Party Parents can arrive 15 minutes prior to your party start time but NOT
EARLIER to have time to set up and be ready to welcome your guests. Guests arrive at
your party start time, not before.  Will have to wait in foyer if too early.

6.       You may bring in your own food, but it must all stay in the party room.  No
nuts or nut products please.  

7.       Loot bags should be handed out at the end of the party as kids are leaving,
they are not allowed in the play area.

8.       Everyone must wear socks, including adults.

If you stay 15 minutes past your booked end time you will be charged $ 100 per hour
or part thereof.


Due to multiple parties in a day we only have 1 hour in between party times.  That
allows our staff to properly clean and get set up for the next birthday party.  We
ask that you wrap things up in the party room at the finish time on your booking and
must leave Fun Bugs no later than 15 minutes past your booked time.  As the next
party is allowed to start coming in 15 min before their set time, please respect our
rules and the next birthday party that is booked.  Since we have limited space and
we are only allowed 50 people in our facility we request that we keep things moving
to keep all the party families happy.